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ADEREM is a French non-profit organisation of over 210 physicians, pharmacists and dentists, all of whom are benevolent. They are all either University Professors or Hospital Practitioners and most of the time both. ADEREM is financed by clinical trials its members undertake as investigators, or any other type of contract that matches the bylaws of the association, but also by donations (under strict regulations) made by corporations or by private donators. 

Donations can only be made  by the pharmaceutical  industry to non-profit organizations whose corporate goals are scientific research and are benevolent and as of January 2018 will be subject to a written contract.

Cases when a donation cannot be made in France:

If a pharmaceutical laboratory wishes to make a donation for instance, for the organizing of Doctor Smith's meeting on lung cancer which will be held at Hotel... in Marseille November 21st 2018, then that will be impossible on the following grounds:

  1. a donation must benefit the entire association: how can someone justify that a donation for lung cancer could benefit to our other members who are cardiologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, etc? 
  2. a donation must not be reciprocated, in other words the "I'll donate if you do this for me..." is a dead end. If you still want to condition your donation to some service, we suggest you go for a sponsoring contract.

We are legally governed by the 1901 law on "associations" and we are private.

What ADEREM takes care of:

1. Legal aspects of clinical trials.

We oversee the legal aspects of any clinical trial contract, an investigator member of ADEREM is involved in, if he or she elects to choose ADEREM as the "third party structure" in charge of that very contract. ADEREM has dedicated staff for that.

  • If you are unfamiliar with French law in general click here to have an overview in English or here for French case law (in English).
  • If you want to access French codes translated into English click here , or here .
  • The French "Public Health Code" has not yet been translated into English. If you are comfortable with French you can access it here
  • As of November 2016 provisions of the French health code have changed if you need to ink a clinical trial contract. It is now in the form of a template which you cannot alter. You can find a template here . There is one other template which your CRO will most probably provide you with. At this stage (july 2017) we are skeptical (to say the least) on some of its provisions which are clearly contradictory with some other provisions of French law particularly regarding investigator insurance, intellecual property laws and the way to designate third party structures. You can of course call us or email us if you want us to elaborate.

Contact us here .

2. Accounting.

ADEREM has accounting staff as well as a CPA and an acting auditor. Accounting is a big part of ADEREM's tasks as it runs over 210     budgets. We make sure expenses are justified both legally and also according to our by-laws. We also invoice sponsors or CROs. Our members are not allowed to sign any invoice on our behalf. ADEREM is fast in conducting operations, hence making life easier for our members who find, with us, a way to bypass tedious red tape they are at times confronted with in hospitals or with the administration at large.

3. Grants.

ADEREM awards grants to students or practitioners once a year. On average 5 to 8 grants are awarded each year.